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The Office of Scholarships and Fellowships (OSF) is part of Undergraduate Education at FIU and is dedicated to helping students find, apply for, and attain national and university-based opportunities.
We are committed to helping undergraduate and graduate students develop the skills, personal commitment and drive needed to pursue and receive scholarships that align with their educational and professional goals.

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Random FAQ

Can I apply for more than one fellowship? Would it hurt my chances?

You can apply for as many fellowships as you would like; there is no limit and it does not hurt your chances to apply for multiple awards. In fact, some fellowships, though distinct, overlap in terms of field or type of grant, so it would make sense to apply for all that apply to your interests and goals. On the other hand, because each fellowship is different in style and focus it makes sense to identify the ones that best suit your credentials and interests and focus your energies on producing the strongest possible application for those rather than spreading yourself too thin. Throwing as many applications into the mix as you can to see what happens is not necessarily the right approach.