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Florida International University NSE Placement Instructions 2013-2014

Please complete the following items in order to secure your NSE placement with FIU:

  • Placement Acceptance Form (PAF) – used to confirm your placement with the Host Campus
  1. If ACCEPTING YOUR PLACEMENT: complete all the missing information in parts A, B, and E on each copy of the PAF. Read Part D and the Conditions of Placement thoroughly. Sign and date each of the three copies of the PAF and the Conditions of Placement forms. Keep one copy for your records. Return the remaining two copies of the PAF and Conditions of Placement forms to your NSE HOME Coordinator (Jamie) by Wednesday, March 27, 2013. Earlier submissions are appreciated!!!

  2. If DECLINING YOUR PLACEMENT: Check Part C; indicate the reason for declining; and sign & date each copy of the PAF form. Keep one copy for yourself and return the other two copies to your NSE HOME Coordinator (Jamie) by Wednesday, March 27, 2013. Earlier submissions are appreciated!!!
  • Conditions of Placement – contractual agreement/student responsibilities
  • Financial Aid
    1. FAFSA updates – now is the time to do this!!
    2. If applicable, set up meeting with FIU’s financial aid Representatives.  It is the student’s responsibility to understand and follow any fin-aid policies/regulations that are applicable to his/her individual award.
    3. Loan Applications
    4. Develop Budget (use budget sheets provided – also available at www.nse.org)
  • Host Campus Comments/Contact Information
    1. www.nse.org – ‘student’ tab: resource section: campus detail information
  • Advising Agreement Form (AAF)
    1. Confirm advisement for all semesters on exchange and return semester to FIU.
    2. AAF must be completed, signed by your Advisor, NSE Coordinator and yourself and submitted to your NSE HOME Coordinator (Jamie) prior to your departure from FIU. Fall-term by May 2013/Spring-term by Sept 2013. Appointment required! 
    3. There will be no guarantee on how courses will transfer back to FIU if the coursework taken during your exchange was not pre-approved by your home campus ACADEMIC ADVISOR.
    4. Departmental approval required for those students who are graduating (Seniors).
  • Official Transcripts
    1. You must request that an official transcript be sent directly to you HOME campus NSE Coordinator (Jamie) at the end of each semester/quarter. Don’t forget!!
  • FIU Emergency/NSE Contact Information
  • Join:
    1. FIU-NSE Facebook Page (@ NseFiu)!
    2. FIU National Student Exchange Club!


Wishing you a wonderful exchange!

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