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Please view the available internships descriptions below. Express your interest in one or more of the internships by clicking on the check box next to the “I’m interested…” line under each description and typing your name and contact information below. You will be contacted shortly by the Applicant Review staff. If you have questions, you may email acevedol@fiu.edu.

Before expressing your interest in the internships below, please take time to learn more about MorseLife by visiting: http://www.morselife.org/
Note: These internships require weekly travel to West Palm Beach, FL

Financial Accounting

  • Understand and assist with the processing of financial reconciliation for 10 entities; forecasting and capital modeling. Some analysis on financing and bonds.
  • Intern will assist with day to day operations of the Finance Department. Intern will perform cash flow analysis, budget reconciliation and monthly P&L analysis of some of the ten legal entities.
  • Hours per Week: 40 hours per week.
Field(s) of Study: Finance, Accounting

Auxiliary Services - MorseLife Store

  • Customer Service, Retail and Merchandising, Communications/Marketing, and Event Management.
  • Intern will assist with day to day operations of the Nearly New Shop.
  • Intern will also work on a marketing plan that will include: creating brand awareness through Facebook and other Social media, assisting in the development of marketing campaigns and creative, and analyzing new avenues for market expansion.
  • Intern will also assist in organizing and managing special Retail events.
  • Hours per Week: 16 – 24 hours per week.
Field(s) of Study: Communications, Marketing

Human Resources

  • Development of training materials, assist in recruitment outreach and internship program; train managers on soft skills.
  • Intern will help develop a year round internship program. 
  • Intern will also assist in the development of nursing and physical therapy recruitment events and help create an outreach strategy. Intern will also provide stand up training to key supervisors and managers on soft skills.
  • Hours per Week: 40 hours per week.
Field(s) of Study: Human Resources, Business Management

Management Leadership Institute

  • Development of training materials for the interactive online university.
  • Intern will help develop training materials and work collaboratively with the subject matter experts (SMEs) across campus. Specific focus will include the development of clinical training materials and the MorseLife app.
  • Hours per Week: 40 hours per week
Field(s) of Study: Organizational Development, Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering

Resident Services

  • Event planning, Public Relations and Communications.
  • Intern will assist in the development of a therapeutic and recreational calendar to include a specific focus on wellness and geriatric education.
  • Hours per Week: 40 hours per week.
Field(s) of Study: Communications, Public Relations. Therapeutic Recreation


  • Marketing, Public Relations, Fundraising.
  • The intern will assist in MorseLife’s annual fundraising campaign and public relations.
  • efforts. The intern will assist in events and public relations opportunities.
Field(s) of Study: Marketing, Public Relations

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